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Best Way to Smoke Marijuana and get the highest? We Explain The Best Ways to Smoke Weed

Marijuana doesn’t come cheap when you want to buy it, neither do the pieces you use to smoke it. As a smoker and most likely a regular customer of kush, you want to get the best high possible. There is a large variety of ways you can get high off of the marijuana you buy, but which is the best? The very best way to get the most out of the kush you buy is by using a vaporizer. Today, we’ll be talking about vaporizers – primarily the Volcano, but also a cheaper choice for those on a budget.

So, what exactly is a vaporizer and how do you use it to get high off of kush? First, you place the marijuana in the appropriate place in the vaporizer. After that, you have to set the temperature to heat the marijuana – usually around 365 degrees Fahrenheit, or 185 degrees Celsius. The heat that is generated releases the compounds that get you high, including the THC in marijuana. As you may already know, THC is the main psychoactive substance found in marijuana. Strains like kush usually contain a high amount of THC. As the name suggests, vaporizers create vapors, not smoke. Vapor means a substance is diffused, or suspended, in the air. People prefer vaporizers because they’re a healthier choice than inhaling the smoke from kush. After you get your kush heated up, the vaporizer will be ready to take hits from the user. Many vaporizer users claim that they buy less kush to get the high they want (compared to smoking), and their high usually more clear minded compared to getting high from smoking marijuana.

From what has been explained so far, it’s clear that the best way to get high off of marijuana is by using a vaporizer. It’s a smart investment for any regular kush users. Not only does it give you a more clear minded high compared to a smoking high, the vaporizer is a healthy method and it requires the user to buy less marijuana to get high. Due to the low amount of marijuana required to get high using a vaporizer, the money you save on kush practically pays for the vaporizer. Okay, so now you know the best way to get high, but which vaporizer should you buy? You can read about the two best vaporizers available below. One is for those of you on a budget, and the other is the highest quality vaporizer that is available to buy – the Volcano.

First, let’s talk about the vaporizer which is the best choice for people on a budget – we’ll save the best vaporizer for later. The Herbal Vaporizer, made by Noble Vapor, is the best vaporizer to buy for people who don’t want to spend too much on one. With a handcrafted wooden case in the color black and a glass on glass whip, Noble Vapor had kush smokers in mind when they made this great entry level vaporizer. Any marijuana user will enjoy using the Easy Use Premium Herbal Vaporizer, but if you’re looking for the highest quality vaporizer, then the Volcano (which we’ll talk about later on) is a better product to buy. However, as mentioned before, this is the best vaporizer for marijuana users who are on a budget.

Now it’s time to get more serious with the Volcano, which is primarily used by kush users. If you’re looking for the best vaporizer on the market today, look no further. The Storz and Bickel Volcano is the best product any kush user could buy. The Volcano can be set a temperature to heat up your marijuana anywhere between 104 and 446 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise known as 40 and 230 degrees Celsius. The Volcano is also equipped with a sleek digital LED display that shows the temperature you set and the actual temperature that it’s working at. On top of that, the LED display on the Volcano can be set to read Celsius or Fahrenheit, and the operating status can easily be viewed on-screen. The Volcano engineers out in Germany really put their effort into it, making sure you get the most out of both their Volcano vaporizer and your kush. You can feel safe when you buy the Volcano as it comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty just in case anything goes wrong. Due to the high quality of the Volcano and the minimal maintenance work required, the Volcano is considered to be the best of the best of vaporizers.

There you have it, you now know the best vaporizers available today to buy to get the most out of your marijuana, whether you’re on a budget or not. As previously mentioned, go buy the Easy Use Premium Herbal Vaporizer if you’re on a budget, or buy the Volcano if you can afford it. The budget choice is still great for any kush smoker, but the Volcano is reserved for more experienced kush users. Enjoy whichever vaporizer you buy – both of them are great choices for any marijuana user.

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