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Political News & Updates

Who Profits If Marijuana is Legalized?

Just before the end of March, Deborah Bowen, the California Secretary of State received some major comments from many concern citizens. This is about the statement that she released regarding plans of including marijuana...

Marijuana Legalized in Canada and All Over the World

What if you’re feeling a tremendous pain all over your body and you have already taken the most effective pain reliever but yet it still has not eased the pain, would you take a...

“This Drug Is Wrongly Classified at the Federal Level. Its Adult Use Is Less Dangerous Than My Evening Aspirin Intake,” Said CEO of Altitude Organic

Altitude Organic Corporation (Pinksheets:ERBB – News), a leading national, publicly-traded medical marijuana company, announced today the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) sponsored multiple Federal bills introduced in the House of Representatives today pertaining to...