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Electronic Cigarette THC Vaporizer for Marijuana

If you’re anything like me, smoking weed is a daily must. THC runs in my veins. Smoking marijuana is a ritual I can’t live without. THC and I will be pals for the rest of my life. You get the picture. Recently I spotted an electronic cigarette type contraption at my favorite marijuana dispensary. After a question or two directed at the weed tender, I discovered it looked similar to an electronic cigarette but was in fact, for marijuana. It was a vaporizer. A vaporizer boils the THC in weed and produces a vapor. A typical bong or pipe burns the bud therefore, destroying the THC off the weed. The THC mist the vaporizer produces doesn’t damage lung tissue either. And if you are anything like me, during typical weed sessions coughing your lungs out over a bong is pretty normal. I usually follow the spastic fit by gulping down a glass of water while smoke shoots out my nostrils. Despite my eyes, nose, and lungs scorched from two dense bowls of Blue Dream, I always have to follow up with a Marlboro light. A ritual of 20 years. And I indeed have tried an electronic cigarette for tobacco so an electronic cigarette type vaporizer doesn’t sound like such a bad idea during these moments.

So I purchased the electronic cigarette THC vaporizer type gadget for under 20 bucks. I took it home, skeptical because I’ve always been under the impression that vaporizers burn up more of the THC in the weed when using it, therefore making you spend more money on marijuana. And seriously? How can cold mist boil marijuana and get you high? I’ve also heard that vaporizers require a massive amount of weed for them to work. And most models I’ve seen appear large and clunky. True marijuana smokers usually have some sort of THC “kit” or utensil, as I call it, for toking marijuana on the go. We like our pipes and marijuana portable. So I gave the THC vaporizer a thumbs up because it was small, again about the size and shape of an electronic cigarette. And how much marijuana can a vaporizer really use when it’s the size of an electronic cigarette?

After testing the electronic cigarette vaporizer, I discovered that it actually used up less marijuana and the THC high was something else. When I initially burned the THC, I didn’t even detect the distinct odor of weed. The vaporizer was light weight and it was rather easy to pack weed into the bowl even when you are doing it one handed in your pocket. I also found out the hard way, over packing weed in the bowl of the vaporizer clogs it fairly easily. Putting a screen in the rubber mouth piece is a good way to avoid ash is your mouth. Returning your “electronic cigarette” to your pocket stealth like is easy and you don’t have to worry that the vaporizer with burn you while hanging out in your pocket. The vaporizer even comes with a butane lighter. You can’t beat that!

Whether you are a daily marijuana user, or you just enjoy smoking weed from time to time, this electronic cigarette tool might just be what you are looking for. Bust it out on your walk on the beach. No one will know it’s not an electronic cigarette! I know I’ll still enjoy bong sessions in my marijuana room/garage, but anytime I’m traveling in the future and need a THC fix, my portable weed machine is coming with. You might just be surprised by the stoniness a vaporizer the size of an electronic cigarette, can bring.