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How to Grow Marijuana – Easy Step by Step Guide

Most people that want to have their own place to grow weed need some help to get started. If you want to grow kush of your own then you are not alone. Many of the questions about marijuana that you might have about how to grow pot are probably pretty basic. Here is a guide to teach you how to grow weed of your own.

You will need quality marijuana seeds from the best cannabis strains. You will also need a place to grow the kush. You have two basic choices for this for your marijuana. You can grow pot in water or in the soil. When you grow pot in water it is called hydroponics. You can grow weed through hydroponics from your cannabis strains very easily as well and get a great quality of marijuana. It also results in a higher quality kush. First, here is a list of the best cannabis strains to begin to grow weed from marijuana seeds.

how to grow marijuana guide






The Cannabis Strains

The cannabis strains are the best kush grown in the world to grow weed. Here is a list of the best cannabis strains of marijuana seeds today to grow pot.

1. Purple Power Bud
2. Durban Posin
3. Lemon Ice
4. Big Bud
5. White Widow
6. White Queen
7. Super Skunk
8. Hindu Kush
9. Northern Lights
10. Afghani

These cannabis strains are some of the best marijuana that you can use to grow pot. When you combine the marijuana seeds with hydroponics you will have superior cannabis strains to grow weed. The system that works best is the “Ebb and Flow” way of growing marijuana seeds into full grown marijuana plants from the cannabis strains. You will need the following supplies to grow marijuana through hydroponics with your cannabis strains.

How to Grow Marijuana in Hydroponics Garden

You need a container to hold the solution for the nutrients to feed the marijuana seeds to get the marijuana plants to grow pot from the cannabis strains. This container is placed beneath the marijuana seeds. You will need a tray to grow weed in to get the best cannabis strains of kush. A pump should be placed in the feeding tray, which will disperse the nutrients to the marijuana seeds in a timed manner as you grow pot. It waters and feeds nutrients to the plants on a regular basis that is set by a timer to grow pot that is high grade of kush. This is the “Ebb and Flow.” Many growers prefer it to grow pot in this manner because it allows the marijuana seeds to grow into the purest form of kush available for you to grow weed.

Where to Get the Goods

The best lace to find the materials to grow weed through hydroponics is on eBay. You should search for “hydroponics’ grow system.” It should only cost you about $300 to set the whole thing up and begin to grow your own kush.

The marijuana seeds can be found at places that already grow pot. You should ask them for a few clones or marijuana seeds to grow weed for the highest quality cannabis strains. These clones or marijuana seeds can be used to grow your first crop of marijuanna. If you want to grow the best cannabis strains, you should consult the list above for a good variety of the highest quality marijuana to grow weed.


You will need specific lighting to grow pot of the highest cannabis strains through hydroponics. That lighting is called Metal Halide. It is a special light that is somewhere between blue light (florescent) and regular 250-watt light and it allows the proper light for you to grow weed. It will cost you another $250 to set the lighting up. It can be found on eBay as well.

Start Growing

Part 1
When you first start to grow weed from the cannabis strains, you will make mistakes and get a bad batch of kush. In order to lessen those mistakes as you grow pot and maximize your quality of marijuana, you should follow these tips to get a good batch of kush from the cannabis strains after your first begin to grow pot.

Take your cannabis strains clones and place them in the hydroponics tray and skip down to part 3 to grow pot. If you are growing your kush with marijuana seeds, then skip to part 2 to grow weed.

Part 2
If you are using marijuana seeds then you must first germinate the marijuana seeds to get your marijuana. You do this by following these steps to grow pot from your cannabis strains.

1. Fill a glass with distilled water to get started on your kush growth.
2. Place a single marijuana seed in that glass.
3. Place that glass with the marijuana seeds in a dark place for 30 hours.
4. After 30 hours, look to see if the marijuana seeds are still floating.
5. If the marijuana seeds are still floating, then you must repeat the dark place step for another 12 hours.
6. If it is still floating, then you have a floater and it will not work or give your any kush
7. Toss those marijuana seeds.
8. Do this with all of the marijuana seeds. The ones that sink are able to grow weed to get quality kush.

Part 3
At this point you should be ready to plant them and are ready to grow weed and get your marijuana. Follow these steps to get the kush growing.

1. Take some soil that has nutrients added in, and place the seed in the soil to get the marijuana started.
2. Most people prefer to use plastic cups for this step when they grow weed to get their kush. You can use anything though.
3. Cut one slit on each side of the cup at the bottom if you use plastic cups.
4. Plant the seed 3/15’ in the potting soil to grow your marijuana.
5. Water the plants to grow pot and get your marijuana.
6. Add some more soil on top of the seed as you grow weed.
7. Place these under the lights that you bought for 16 to 20 hours.
8. Then turn the lights off for four to eight hours.
9. This process must be followed carefully to get a good batch of kush.
10. When the plants have grown to have some green showing. Mist the leaves daily.
11. After two weeks you can move on to grow weed and are one step closer to having marijuana.

Transplanting the seedlings to the garden is easy to do. Just follow these steps.

1. Place the seedlings under the lights in the container above the feeding tray.
2. Repeat this for each seedling to grow pot and get a good batch of kush.
3. Repeat the process for lighting as you did when you were germinating the seeds.
4. Change the feeding tray out every two weeks as you grow pot.
5. When the seedling begins to bed, they are plants and are ready to be harvested.
6. Harvest the marijuana buds and allow them to dry in a place that is warm and not humid.

Growing kush that is from the highest cannabis strains is easy if you follow this guide to grow pot. While this one covered hydroponics, you can also grow pot in soil in the exact same manner to get a good batch of marijuana. Keep the light and dark schedule religiously and grow weed in your own home to enjoy your home grown marijuana, as you desire.


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