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Kush Perfume for Men and Women Marijuana Weed Cologne

When I put it on the sweet marijuana fragrance makes me I feel like I am in college again. Often, when I am selecting cologne as a gift or for myself, I will buy something and later regret it. That is definitely not the case with Kush perfume. This cologne takes me back to a time when I was young, carefree, and appreciated the earth in a greater degree than I do today. I wish I was young again and Kush makes me feel that I am.

I bought Kush perfume as a gift to myself and it’s been a wonderful treat. In fact, I plan to buy more and give it as a gift to several of my friends. Kush cologne is derived from many natural oils and botanicals and is a beautiful scent. It reminds me of marijuana, and that’s actually a nice smell. Kush perfume is a lovely gift to buy for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

kush cologne perfume marijuanaInitially, I purchased Kush because I was attracted to the lovely bottle and promise of natural cologne scents. Then I tried it and was amazed at the mixture of vanilla, jojoba, with an earthy marijuana smell mingled within it. Now, I am not advocating that you buy marijuana. but, it’s still fair to say that Kush perfume shares the same lovely scent.

Sometimes, I will buy a cologne and then only wear it a few times. With Kush, I am wearing it almost daily. I sprayed some on my pillow. My husband asked me about the smell and said he liked it very much. He will probably buy this cologne as a gift for the next few holidays.

The scent of Kush Perfume is simply delicious. It’s spicy earthly, and has that hint of marijuana mixed in with it. The marijuana is very subtle and should not cause you to be questioned by anyone. I only notice it when I smell my wrist very close to my nose since I spray Kush right onto the wrist. No one has ever given me a strange look or questioned me about using marijuana.

As a young girl, I used a lot of patchouli and Kush perfume has a similar type of scent. The natural, earthy feel has been a delight. Kush became a favorite very quickly at my house. My daughter has been borrowing my Kush perfume so much that I plan to buy her a gift of Kush for herself. She might even buy herself a gift of Kush before I get to it.

I want to make it clear that the hint of marijuana that is mingled in with the vanilla and other scents is not overly obvious. It’s enough of a marijuana scent to remind you of your college days but not enough to cause someone to think you have been smoking marijuana in the parking lot. Kush perfume is lovely, young, and lively.

I am very happy I discovered this delightful cologne and look forwarding to wearing Kush perfume for years to come. When I buy it for my friends and give Kush as a gift, I am certain they will be pleased. I can also predict that they will decide to buy it on their own after they smell this cologne on me. Kush perfume is a one-of-a-kind cologne and everyone will enjoy it.

Kush perfume is the perfect cologne. The natural oils and extracts will please you. The subtle marijuana scent will make you feel youthful. Buy it as a gift to yourself. It’s the perfect choice for both young and mature women.