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Defense Shower Gel & Soap

Defense products have been developed specifically for wrestlers, martial artists and all combat athletes. All-natural ingredients have been clinically proven to be effective against ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, impetigo, herpes, and MRSA. Defense Wipes and Soap are ideal for removing germs and bacteria from the body after workouts and training. Don’t risk your training to anything else.

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A shower gel that may help prevent skin infections. Defense Shower Gel (8 oz) was created specifically for combat athletes and anyone interested in using all-natural soap to keep their skin clean. Made with natural botanicals and only the finest natural essential oils, this cleanser will keep you clean on and off the mat.

The first time I had a skin infection and was on long-term anti-biotics I also got opportunistic fungal infections. Those were not getting taken care of by standard prescription-level ointments and cream, which was worrying as I was nowhere near close to the end of my anti-biotics. Searching for a way to help get rid of the fungus I ran across the Defense products and decided that since they were made to help stop the spread of some pretty nasty diseases of the skin in MMA, it was worth a try. Within two weeks the fungal infections were on the retreat after using the soap along with an antiseptic wash (which was for the bacterial infection and did nothing against the fungal infection). Once the fungal infection had been abated in two more weeks I went on to use Defense soap and gel with my other shower items. After I got over the first skin infection and had it recur, I used the Defense products and got no fungal infections on the second long course of anti-biotics.

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Now I’ve switched over to the Defense soap and gel (which I use for my hair). After 3 years of use, these products have proven to be effective for what they are: a means of defense against catching and spreading fungal infections. Used alone they help in their prevention, as my second course of anti-biotics demonstrated. While normally allergic to standard fragrances, I have found no allergic reaction to those involved with the soap and gel. The doctor who treated me is an infectious disease specialist and has recommended this product to other patients also on anti-biotic use with good results.In all a good and well made product.

After using the product, I noticed my skin was immediately dried out. That feeling only lasted a few minutes to an hour after my shower. The soap lathers nicely and smells fine. In regards to ring worm, the soap wont clear up ring worm, but it definitely prevents it from spreading. If you want your ringworm to go away, get Lotrimin or some other over the counter stuff.

I bought this soap after hearing Joe Rogan praise it on his pod cast several times. To be fair I’m not sure if it works or not… I think this soap may be more effective in using it as a preventative measure after workouts/heavy sweating. I already had a skin infection on both my feet when I bought this so the infection may have been to involved by the time I used this soap. Overall, It seems like a good soap, but a bit on the high side for me. From what I understand the soap is only suppose to kill the “bad bacteria’s” on your skin and not the “good bacteria’s” which the typical Anti-bacterial soaps (Dial) kills nearly all bacteria. Doesn’t smell like typical soaps with frangrance, but does NOT smell bad! Hope this helps!I like this product, but think bar soap is a thing of the past. I think the liquid is much better. I guess it’s a matter of taste. But the soap itself is awesome

I have had ringworm for the past 3 weeks and have been miserable with them i bought this soap and used it along with other treatment such as vineagar and ointment my ringworm cleared up within a weekIt is less strong and as effective (if not more so) than the wipes; however, I don’t believe that it works for fungal problems. I can tell when I have too much sugar/yeast in my body from my underarms (urine also) and thought this would help in addition to supplements. I tested this without the supplements, and it does work very little, but not enough for me. I usually use Irish Spring or Ivory with a little white vinegar and that works very well. I guess when something works, you should keep using it.We use this soap throughout wrestling season, and it has great lather, a very pleasant smell, and works great for fending off skin problems associated with wrestling!I’ve been using this soap since I started training (in about 1999 or so) and haven’t had any sort of ringworm or skin problem – I’m not sure if the Defense Soap is 100% to thank, but I’m sure it has helped. I’d highly recommend this product!

I used this MOST RECENTLY from June 2011-October 2011 as my nightly shower soap. I’m ordering it again because…I’m breaking out like crazy. I’ve lived in really humid, tropical areas (Florida, Hawaii, and New Orleans) and really dry areas (Flagstaff, AZ). This stuff works in all climates, killing off the crap without stripping your skin. In the interim, I’ve been using 10% Benzoyl Peroxide and not only are my bed linens and night clothes bleached out–my skin is dried out and breaking out. So, I’m back to Defense Soap. Buy it because you won’t be disappointed. By the way, a little goes a LONG WAY.

Defense soap is one of my favorite discoveries. The liquid soap gives me peace of mind as I use natural ingredients to combat germs after the gym. You would feel the same way if you contemplated MERSA (and other nasty bugs) as you observe the marginal habits of your fellow gym patrons. Also, there has been an overall improvement in the health of my skin (i.e. blocked pores) since I started using Defense three months ago. Makes me feel better and cleaner after my work outs.

I bought this product after catching ring worm, I am sure from a mat at the gym. I love it. I even use it on my face. It really makes you feel squeaky clean and seems anticeptic without being harsh. I think the aloe in the product gives my skin a glow. I just wish the bottle was bigger. But I guess it’s a good travel size. I highly recommend it.

I’m really happy with defense soap it has a really clean scent and natural ingredients. It is my main soap in the shower along with dr bronners shikake peppermint/spearmint. I only use natural soaps and these two are the best in this class.

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