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Healthiest way to get High? Find out how to get the most out of your Marijuana

The Volcano is a trademarked vaporizer that is manufactured and sold by Storz & Bickel from Tuttlingen, Germany. Considered the best vaporizing device on the market, users of this type of vaporizer prize it for its ability to process herbs in the healthiest manner. While vaporizers may be used occasionally by fine dining or experimental restaurants who use the system to vaporize herbs in order to add to the diner’s meal experience, the most common use of vaporizers are for consuming the THC from cannabis in order to achieve the healthiest and best high.

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In comparison to burning herbs by incineration, the Volcano vaporizing device uses hot air that is heated to temperatures between 130° and 230°C (266° and 446°F) to release the THC from medical marijuana. Using vaporization instead of combustion allows medical cannabis to reach the necessary heat levels in order for the THC to be released from the plant so it can be inhaled for the best high. Studies, including those published by the Official Journal of the American Academy of Neurology, Cal NORML, and the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics, indicate that vaporization of cannabis is the healthiest method of intake compared to combustion because it reduces the amount of harmful substances consumed by the user in comparison to smoking cannabis.

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Smoking medical marijuana in a pipe or rolled into a cigarette, or “joint,” causes evident irritation to the respiratory tract. This is because the combusted smoke of medical marijuana contains more than 100 chemicals other than the desired THC, including carcinogens found in tobacco smoke. It must be noted that all of the respiratory issues related to the smoke of cannabis are directly related to the method of combustion. Smoking also releases a strong and detectable odor from the plant, as well as burns off much of the desired THC, thus reducing the efficiency of the cannabis. When a user heats cannabis in a Volcano vaporizing device, she can use significantly less plant material to achieve the best high, which is economical.

Also, given that the majority of medical marijuana patients suffer from chronic conditions, vaporization is much easier on the respiratory tract. According to University of California San Francisco researchers, using a vaporizing device allows the user to receive the same amount of therapeutic substances from medical marijuana, as well as the best high, in the healthiest manner due to the elimination of harmful toxins found in smoke. Using a vaporizer also grants the user with the ability to control the dosage while consuming medical marijuana, unlike when using combustion whereas the cannabis burns and releases smoke as the plant is disintegrated into ash at an uncontrollable rate.

As the vaporizer removes the use of smoke, toxic chemicals including deadly CO are removed from the process. I. Abrams, MD, UCSF Professor of Clinical Medicine explains that researchers determined that a vaporizing device is the healthiest way to absorb the most effective dose of cannabis. And even though it uses a comparable technique, i.e. vapor that is consumed in a form similar to smoke, using a vaporizer is much more efficient in comparison to the pill form of THC for medical marijuana patients. The pill form of medical marijuana typically provides users with a much greater dosage of THC at one instance, in comparison to the vaporizer that allows users to dose themselves in short intervals, thus increasing their ability to achieve the best high.

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