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Improve the Flavor of your Blunts – Magic Grape Flavor for Blunts

Destroy offensive smoke odors before the smells offend, while adding sweet, delicious fruit flavor to your hand rolled blunt or herbal cigarette. Legal herbs and blends often produce distinct, pungent smells when smoked. Blunt Magic effectively eliminates these smoke odors while the herb is being smoked so the smell never exists, leaving you free to smoke in places thought impossible before. Many people dislike the smell Legal Herb Smoke leaves behind in their house, apartment, car or dorm room, with blunt magic there will be no smell… Ever. There are many products on the market today that flavor your legal herbs; Flavored wraps, sprays, drops and papers generally taste great… Some products even produce a pleasant smell while they are being burned, but none of these product eliminate smoke odor leaving the distinct smell of smoke behind. Blunt Magic kills the smokey smell entirely.

Blunt Magic Blueberry Flavor

Blunt Magic tastes great and promotes slow, even burning of legal herbs when treated and rolled. To use black magic spray simply spray and fully saturate legal herb or blend to be smoked. Allow Herbs to dry and roll as usual. That’s it! your ready to smoke a deliciously flavored blunt with no smoke smell! Each spray bottle comes with 1 fl. oz. (29.6 ml.) of Blunt Magic Spray, That’s over 500 sprays! Sold individually in your choice of flavor. Intended for use with legal herbal blends ONLY. Blunt Magic Spray features: # 1 fl. oz. Flavored Blunt Magic Spray # Eliminates All offensive smoke odors # Flavors blunts, joints and legal herbs # Promotes slow even burning of rolled herbs # Hundreds of sprays per bottle! # Patented Product is the only one on the market proven to eliminate the distinct odor of burning legal herbs.

  • smells great
  • easy to use
  • works quickly


Blunt Magic Blueberry Flavor

Use this tasty blunt flavoring to enjoy a savory smoking experience!