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SHARP Crusher Marijuana Grinder

SHARP CRUSHER 2.25″ Premium Quality 4 PCS Herb Grinder.The Aero Space ALUMINUM used in the grinder is much stronger and far superior More Diamond Teeth for grind ing than any other grinders. Micron Count Tested Stainless Steel Screen, T. Nylon Gasket around the edges for smooth grinding. Perfectly cut and distanced holes in grinder compartment to guarantee NOTHING will ever CLOG. Two super strong neodymium Powerful magnet hold grinder cap. Specially designed on latest CNC technology , providing more superior grinders with no flaws! SHARP Crusher feels different from other grinders by touching and feeling due to its texture. The special coating minimized scratch and wear & tear on the grinder over-time. It will keep the grinder new and shinny for a very long period of time. Dimension: 2.25 X 1.75 inch ******************* Pollen press. There are a total of 5 parts in this pollen press. There is the center body piece, and two metal cylinder piece. The two cylinder bars fits perfectly into the body piece. The outer 2 piece are caps for the pollen Press.

2.25″ SMART CRUSHER Quality Tobacco Herb Grinder (non-aluminum grinder)

  • The Aero Space Aluminum used in making up sharp crusher is comparable & much stronger and far superior compared to Space Case grinders
  • More Diamond Teeth for grinding than any other grinders.
  • Indestructible stainless steel screen
  • Micron Count Tested Stainless Steel Pollen Screen
  • Pollen PRESS.. new 5 pcs These are light weight and powerful


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